Choral Novelty

A sense of humor helps a lot in dealing with this world of ours. Here are some attempts at choral humor in music, on a motley assortment of topics: Chocolate, garlic, laughter, militarism, puppies, roadkill . . . Plus a lively Anniversary canon.
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view score The Chocolate Carol SATB divisi piano, opt. solo fl 3′ David/Randi Avshalomov 2005
Order This» Humorous tonal Holiday novelty, slow intro, bouncy catchy chorus, mock-operatic ending. Written for Pat Loeb’s Music Companie. Hilarious video of this on YouTube–search on “Chocolate Carol”. (See Valentine’s version, “Love and Chocolate”, below.) Lyrics»
view score The Chocolate Carol–Carolers’ Version SATB a cappella 3′ David/Randi Avshalomov 2005
Order This» Carolers’ version
view score Flopsy the Christmas Pup! SATB (div.) piano (opt. bass, drums) 4:45 Doggerel by David Avshalomov 2011
Order This» Novelty about adopting a pet for Christmas. An old-fashioned, corny but sincere family message for tough economic times, with a subtext promoting responsible ownership. Fun to sing, moderate difficulty, and a sure-fire audience
pleaser. Lively swing chorus, doowop break, rockettes last chorus, ruff ending.
view score The Garlic Blessing SATB divisi piano 3′ David Avshalomov 2009
Order This» Witty, lively novelty on the wonders of garlic. Recurring sentimental chorale hook. Pungent ending. Guaranteed to bring a smile. (Choral insiders will recognize one obvious parody reference.) Lyrics»
view score Happy Anniversary (men’s voices) TTBB a cappella 1′ David Avshalomov 2003
Order This» Cheery tonal canonic anniversary greeting for the composer’s parents Doris and Jacob

view score Happy Anniversary (women’s voices) SSAA a cappella 1′ David Avshalomov 2003
Order This» Version for women’s voices. Sound file was recorded for use here by the lead quartet of the Southwest Women’s Chorus, Temecula, CA, Bill Paisner, Director.
view score Love and Chocolate SATB divisi piano, opt. fl 3′ David/ Randi Avshalomov 2005
Order This» Valentine’s Day version of the Chocolate Carol, more romantic lyrics. [Also: simplified version for solo quartet SATB/piano.] Lyrics»
view score Laughing Song SATB a cappella 3’40 Wm. Blake 2001-2
Order This» Hilarious playful Madrigal, lively, rhythmic and full. Subject: Laughter and youth. Stage business: actual laughter/hilarity breakdown and recovery before the end.
view score U.S. 30 in Idaho SSAATTB a cappella 1′ Doris Avshalomov 1961
Order This» Ironic nature/highway roadkill observation, over in a flash. Lyrics»
view score The U.S. Air Force Fugue TTBB a cappella 3′ USAF/ David Avshalomov 1972
Order This» Parody fugue based on “Off we Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder.” Lyrics»