Chorus with Band

“Patriotic chorus and band compositions are difficult to come by and are always of programming interest.”

Col. Lowell E. Graham, Commander/Conductor, USAF Band, Bolling AFB, DC

(full band score)view scorePRINCIPLES (men's chorus)Men's chorus (TTTTBBBB), baritone voice solo, concert band or piano w/opt. percussion (6)32' - 1993-4
rev. 2014
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(piano/vocal score)
view piano/vocal scoreSecular oratorio. Male chorus version written for the Singing Sgts. and the top USAF band, DC. Notes»
(MIDI)1. Creed: "I Have Sworn"4'
(voice/piano)2. Our Civil Rights3'
(MIDI)3. The Opinions of Men2'
(MIDI)3a. We Do Enact4'
(MIDI)4. The Truth is Great (fugue)2'
(MIDI + voice)5. Rebellion to Tyrants2'
(MIDI)6. We Hold These Truths6'
(MIDI)6a. Here Was Buried1'
(MIDI)7. All Eyes Are Opened8'

(full band score)view scoreBeatles, SERGEANT PEPPER MedleyTTBB chorus + vocal soli; (or solo quintet), band (also with combo)16'1971
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(vocal score/piano reduction for BAND prep)
view piano/vocal scoreFun transcription medley from the Beatle's amazing first concept album. Created for and premiered by the USAF Band and Singing Sergeants, Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, Commander/Conductor. Can be performed with men’s chorus and soloists, or with amplified solo quintet of good vocal Beatles imitators. Also available with combo accompaniment.
NJ1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club BandRecording: Orpheus Men's Choir, Ridgewood Band, New Jersey1'30
NJ2. With a Little Help From my Friends2'
NJ3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds1'20
NJ4. It's Getting Better All the Time1'45
USAF5. She's Leaving HomeRecording: USAF Band DC/Singing Sgts./Gabriel1'30
USAF6. When I'm 641'45
USAF7. Lovely Rita Meter Maid1'40
USAF8. Sgt. Pepper Reprise1'25