Chorus with Band

“Patriotic chorus and band compositions are difficult to come by and are always of programming interest.”

Col. Lowell E. Graham, Commander/Conductor, USAF Band, Bolling AFB, DC

(full band score) view score PRINCIPLES (men’s chorus) Men’s chorus (TTTTBBBB), baritone voice solo, concert band or piano w/opt. percussion (6) 32′ – 1993-4
rev. 2014
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(piano/vocal score)
view piano/vocal score Secular oratorio. Male chorus version written for the Singing Sgts. and the top USAF band, DC. Notes»
(MIDI) 1. Creed: “I Have Sworn” 4′
(voice/piano) 2. Our Civil Rights 3′
(MIDI) 3. The Opinions of Men 2′
(MIDI) 3a. We Do Enact 4′
(MIDI) 4. The Truth is Great (fugue) 2′
(MIDI + voice) 5. Rebellion to Tyrants 2′
(MIDI) 6. We Hold These Truths 6′
(MIDI) 6a. Here Was Buried 1′
(MIDI) 7. All Eyes Are Opened 8′

(full band score) view score Beatles, SERGEANT PEPPER Medley TTBB chorus + vocal soli; (or solo quintet), band (also with combo) 16′ 1971
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(vocal score/piano reduction for BAND prep)
view piano/vocal score Fun transcription medley from the Beatle’s amazing first concept album. Created for and premiered by the USAF Band and Singing Sergeants, Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, Commander/Conductor. Can be performed with men’s chorus and soloists, or with amplified solo quintet of good vocal Beatles imitators. Also available with combo accompaniment.
NJ 1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band Recording: Orpheus Men’s Choir, Ridgewood Band, New Jersey 1’30
NJ 2. With a Little Help From my Friends 2′
NJ 3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 1’20
NJ 4. It’s Getting Better All the Time 1’45
USAF 5. She’s Leaving Home Recording: USAF Band DC/Singing Sgts./Gabriel 1’30
USAF 6. When I’m 64 1’45
USAF 7. Lovely Rita Meter Maid 1’40
USAF 8. Sgt. Pepper Reprise 1’25