Clarinet Choir

“Three Outside” was fun to write, and I enjoyed the collaboration with master teacher Margaret Thornhill and her players. The first movement plays out my fascination with the theoretical correlation between colors and sounds, though not in a scientific way. The middle movement is another of my nature pieces, immersed first in high mountain moonlight, then in wind in pine trees. You can also listen to my pre-concert talk at the premiere of the full work.
The “Rowboat Shuffle” shows off all the clarinet sizes; it is excerpted from my “Lifeboat Variations” for band.

view scoreLifeboat TwinkleFlutes and Piccolo (may be doubled)1'1975/2014
Order This»A sparkling quick twist on Row Your Boat. From the "Lifeboat Variations" for band. A fun tiny encore!
III. Sand Banshee8'
Tone-painting all stages of a sandstorm, building from tiny, thready breeze to full-on wild screamer over the Voice of the Banshee. Relaxes to sweet calm--with a last surprise. Piccolos featured. (Recording is of revised version.)

Pre-concert talk by the composer
view score3 OutsideClarinet Choir (Eb clarinet, 7 Bb clarinets, alto clarinet, 2 bass clarinets, Eb contra-alto clarinet)17'2008
Order Entire Work»Three very different movements, each projecting a distinct energy--mechanical, natural, human--in a different outdoor setting, Written for Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, Margaret Thornhill, director.Notes»
I. Magic Fountain4'20
Music for the eyes, all about color and movement. Playful showpiece evoking the variant patterns and splashy exuberance of a programmed multi-jet "dancing waters" fountain display with colored lights. Gradually develops direction to a culmination. Brief vocal splash effects at end.
II. Moon Song6'
Slow music for the heart, all about melody. The aching mystery of full-moon light on high-mountain pines. Light breeze, then full wind over a chorus of plaintive sadness, winding back to the still moon, ending on a lonely question. Soulful lead clarinet solo.