Flute Orchestra (flute choir)

Another work created in collaboration with the musicians–particularly my longtime friend and colleague Ellen  Burr, who schooled me in some of the extended techniques that I tried out here. I also got to use my Bull-Roarer at the beginning and several of my family’s heirloom bowl gongs from China in the middle. The work expresses my deep engagement with nature and natural forces, including  wind, rain, and fog.

view scoreSacred WindsFlute Orchestra: 12 (or 13) players, including piccolos,
C flutes, alto flutes, bass flute in C, opt. bass flute in F, contra-bass flute (or bass clarinet), subcontra-bass flute (or string bass), 2 percussion
25' 2007
Order This»Finalist, American Prize for Composition 2015. Gently experimental (some extended techniques) but tonal music evoking wind dimensions of the natural world. Melodies express the yearning of a lost soul seeking to regain connection with the powers of Nature. (Alternate bottom parts for bass clarinet, string bass). Optional ankle bells. Written for Los Angeles Flute Orchestra -- in the sound samples they are conducted by the composer.Notes»
I. Rain Dance6'10
Brittle, dignified, ritualistic evocation of a ceremonial dance to relieve drought; builds up, raises ground breezes, final shouts bring gentle rain. Spooky low flute solos. (Also available for Concert Band)
II. Fog Song10'30
Slow cluster moods with blue melodies. Evocation of dense, then wispy, then billowing fog, surf, foghorns. Wild "choral" middle, evaporating end. Solos for many.
III. Sand Banshee8'
Tone-painting all stages of a sandstorm, building from tiny, thready breeze to full-on wild screamer over the Voice of the Banshee. Relaxes to sweet calm--with a last surprise. Piccolos featured. (Recording is of revised version.)