Marimba (or Xylophone) Solo with Band

This is actually a twice-removed transcription. To create the brilliant overture to this cantata, JS Bach took the opening toccata from his E major partita for solo violin and wrote it out a whole step lower for organ solo, then added a very nice brand-new fleshed-out accompaniment using his standard D Major celebratory-affect-orchestra (strings, oboes/bassoon, trumpets, timpani).

My arrangement transfers that solo organ part to solo marimba (or xylophone) and the accompaniment to light concert band.  It has a stunning ending. The solo part can also be played as a marimba/xylophone duet. (There is also a separate band version with the solo part in Clarinet 1 and 2 and Flute/Piccolo sections.)

3. Snowy Mountains2'20
Sierra postcard, sonorous wintery mood, rich end