Solo Saxophone

Amost all of my music for saxophones is in my pieces for band, where I insist on treating them as a proud and independent section in their own right (rather than burying them in fat doublings with various sizes of clarinets). This Meditation, natural on cello and grateful on viola, also works very well on solo Alto Sax–played Paris Conservatory style. Ground Zero is a short touching memorial melody with harp.

view scoreGround Zero, 2:00 am (alto saxophone, accompanied)alto saxophone, harp (or guitar or piano or marimba)1'2014
Order This»My first 9/11 memorial piece: a simple, slow, poignant melody starting with a quick arcing gesture also used to create the end cadence. Version for Eb alto saxophone with simple added accompaniment for harp (or guitar, or piano, or 5-octave marimba)

(cello recording)
view scoreMeditation (alto sax)4'1997
Order This»Transcription of the slow movement from the Sonata for Violoncello, for Eb Alto Saxophone (uses the cello sonata piano part)alto saxophone, piano