Treble Chorus with High Strings

Making this piece started with an imagined sound of fluttering clustered trills in very high muted violins, elusive like a moth or firefly, barely heard in the corner of your ear, representing far-off high angel wings. I gradually evolved an original poem outlining various aspects of angels, thinking this would be a basis to inspire a work for string orchestra.

One day it hit me that the poem, full of spiritual rhetorical questions, was decent enough that I should set it for voices—high voices (either youngsters or women)—and accompany it with my imagined high strings (violins and violas–Angels we shall hear on high). And from that the piece grew.

ListenScoreTitleVoicesSolosAccomp.Dur.Lyrics byYear
Do You Believe in Angels?SSAAbrief S16 violins, 2 violas9'David Avshalomov2010
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(organ red./vocal)
Ecstatic, transcendently beautiful, melodious and harmonically rich setting for older children's or treble chorus and high strings. Original non-sectarian, non-religious poem by the composer on the phenomenon of angelic encounters and the common images of both light and dark angels. Bright start, dark energetic middle, luminous ending. Colorful, evocative string scoring is suitable for advanced high school players or above. Vocal score has organ reduction. Video of premiere by Alabama School of Fine Arts Concerto Delle Donne and string orchestra, Laura Doss, conductor. Lyrics»Notes»