Honored 2014


2022 American Prize, Composition (Third Prize)

Symphony No. 2 ("Lost Year" - 2020) for Percussion Orchestra_ [Finale--"PANIC"]

7th International Band Composition Contest 2019, Harelbeke, Belgium (Third Prize)

Lifeboat Variations_

First Prize, International Orange Chorale of San Francisco Composition Contest 2016

O Euchari Columba_

First Place, American Prize for Band Composition 2015 (and won 2 other contests 2013)


Mountainside Master Chorale (Pomona, CA) Composition Contest 2016 (2nd Prize)

Praise the Lord
JEFFERSON (The Truth is Great)SOLO Instr. (Torn Curtain)
CHAMBER (String Quartet, Scherzo)
CHORUS (Sun_Flower)
SONG/Orch (Tie the Strings_)
NOVELTY (*Garlic Blessing)CHORUS (Tyger)TIMPANI/VIOLIN (*Diversion)

AMERICAN PRIZE for Band Composition 2016 (2rd Prize)

Hill Dance_

AMERICAN PRIZE for Band Composition 2014 (3rd Prize)

The Last Stand

ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012, Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
PROJECT:ENCORE Recommended Choral Work of Exceptional Merit 2013
Polifonija Sacred Choral Music Competition, Lithuania, 2013 (2ndPrize)

I Bend the Knee of My Heart
Kaplan Foundation Commission 2018, St. Mary’s University, Minnesota (new band work on Jewish themes)
Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Choral Selection Winner, 2018: Let the Children Play
Grand Prize, Solo and Chamber Timpanist’s Initiative’s Competition 2017: *Diversion
The C7 Prize (Canada) 2014: Chanukah Tonight! and *The Garlic Blessing
VoxNova Composer’s Voice: 15 Minutes of Fame: 5 awards, 2014-19 (solo works for clarinet, tuba, oboe, organ, band, trumpet/bassoon)