Chamber Winds

American Prize 2015 for Chamber Music Composition, Finalist (Sacred Winds)
Miles Playhouse Debut Award, 2008, (Around the Year)
Contemporary repertoire for Chamber Winds – a collection of 20th and 21st century chamber music by composer David Avshalomov, including sound files and scores.

view scoreAiroboe, clarinet, bassoon.2'1975
Order This»A simple, moderato, tuneful ABA form for reed trio.
SEE ON YOUTUBEview scoreAround the Yearwoodwind quintet -- COMPOSER TALK ON YOUTUBE11'1965/2002
Order This»Winner of the Miles Playhouse Debut Award, 2008.
Selected Work, Wind Quintet Network Call for Scores 2021.
Four short, charming, atmospheric, tonal seasonal miniatures, mood/character sketches, commissioned by Aaron and Amelia Neustadt. (Recordings: Musica Bella Woodwind Quintet, NY; Plein Air Wind Quintet, LA)
I. Winter Mood 2'
Snow on the mountains. Slow, sonorous, euphonious. (Also available for Concert Band, Vignettes No. 3.)
II. Autumn Walk2'30
Brisk leaf-blown day in a park. Moderate/lively/moderate; nice oboe and horn solos.
III. Summer Dream3'
Hot Southern night. Slow, aching beauty, echoes of Gershwin, Stephen Foster. Languorous flute solos.
IV. Spring Games3'
Children on a grassy hillside. Exuberant fling, playful melody play, brave "Pirate" horn solo, flip end.
view scoreBouncy Bouncytrumpet, bassoon.1'2018
Order This»"Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame" Minute of Music Honoree 2019. A short light swing/bounce number for the unusual duo, Trumptoon.
view scoreLifeboat TwinkleFlutes and Piccolo (may be doubled)1'1975/2014
Order This»A sparkling quick twist on Row Your Boat. From the "Lifeboat Variations" for band. A fun tiny encore!
view scoreRowboat ShuffleClarinet Choir (Eb, Bb 1. 2. 3. [6-8 players], Eb Alto, Bb Bass, Eb Contra-Alto, BBb Contra-Bass)1'301975/2014
Order This»A shuffle chain of compressed repetition variations for full clarinet choir/sections. From the "Lifeboat Variations" for band. (NOTE: Light percussion in sound sample is not included in this version.) A fun short encore to "Hill Dance".
view scoreSacred WindsFlute Orchestra: 12 (or 13) players, including piccolos,
C flutes, alto flutes, bass flute in C, opt. bass flute in F, contra-bass flute (or bass clarinet), subcontra-bass flute (or string bass), 2 percussion
Order This»Finalist, American Prize for Composition 2015. Gently experimental (some extended techniques) but tonal music evoking wind dimensions of the natural world. Melodies express the yearning of a lost soul seeking to regain connection with the powers of Nature. (Alternate bottom parts for bass clarinet, string bass). Optional ankle bells. Written for Los Angeles Flute Orchestra -- in the sound samples they are conducted by the composer.Notes»
I. Rain Dance6'10
Brittle, dignified, ritualistic evocation of a ceremonial dance to relieve drought; builds up, raises ground breezes, final shouts bring gentle rain. Spooky low flute solos. (Also available for Concert Band)
II. Fog Song10'30
Slow cluster moods with blue melodies. Evocation of dense, then wispy, then billowing fog, surf, foghorns. Wild "choral" middle, evaporating end. Solos for many.
III. Sand Banshee8'
Tone-painting all stages of a sandstorm, building from tiny, thready breeze to full-on wild screamer over the Voice of the Banshee. Relaxes to sweet calm--with a last surprise. Piccolos featured. (Recording is of revised version.)

Pre-concert talk by the composer
view score3 OutsideClarinet Choir (Eb clarinet, 7 Bb clarinets, alto clarinet, 2 bass clarinets, Eb contra-alto clarinet)17'2008
Order Entire Work»Three very different movements, each projecting a distinct energy--mechanical, natural, human--in a different outdoor setting, Written for Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, Margaret Thornhill, director.Notes»
I. Magic Fountain4'20
Music for the eyes, all about color and movement. Playful showpiece evoking the variant patterns and splashy exuberance of a programmed multi-jet "dancing waters" fountain display with colored lights. Gradually develops direction to a culmination. Brief vocal splash effects at end.
II. Moon Song6'
Slow music for the heart, all about melody. The aching mystery of full-moon light on high-mountain pines. Light breeze, then full wind over a chorus of plaintive sadness, winding back to the still moon, ending on a lonely question. Soulful lead clarinet solo.
III. Hill DanceYOUTUBE/Chamber (Ebonists)
YOUTUBE/Large Ensemble (Kansas ClarinetFest) (set Custom Playback to 120 % in YouTube Settings
Order This Mvt.»Music for the body, all about rhythm. Lively Bulgarian-style 5/8 folk dance up in hill country. Showy solos for Eb, Bb, bass clar. Slower middle with Jewish-flavor circle-dance tunes, almost drunk. Wild loud fast ecstatic ending. Sound recording: Candid Live performance by the Ebonists, England, 2015. (Also available for Concert Band.)
view scoreTipsy WaltzSaxophone quartet (A A T Bar)1'1975/2014
Order This»Short drunken waltz for saxophone quartet. From the "Lifeboat Variations" for band.