Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Choral Selection Winner, 2018 Let the Children Play
Winner, First Prize, International Orange Chorale of San Francisco Choral Composition Contest 2016 (O Euchari)
ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012 for Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
(I Bend the Knee)
Winner, Mountainside Master Chorale (Pomona, CA) Composition Contest 2016 (2nd Prize) (Praise the Lord)
“Polifonija”, Lithuania, International Sacred Choral Music Competition 2013 (2nd Prize) (I Bend the Knee)
PROJECT:ENCORE Recommended Choral Work of Exceptional Merit 2013 (I Bend the Knee)
TheC7Prize (Canada) 2014 (Chanukah Tonight! and The Garlic Blessing)
American Prize 2013 for Choral Composition, Finalist (Blake: Innocence/Experience)

Contemporary works for Chorus – a collection of 20th and 21st century choral music by composer David Avshalomov, with sound files and scores.

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ListenScoreTitleVoicesSolosAccomp.Dur.Lyrics byYear
view scoreThe Bear!TTBB(opt. Bodhran/hand drum)4'Anon2023
Download .pdf, use for freeA lively, ribald shanty in mock-Irish/Barbershop style, about a bear and a maiden. Paraphrase/alternate wording based on a popular tale.
view scoreChanukah Tonight!SATB (opt. div.)piano2'45David Avshalomov2011
Order This»TheC7Prize (Canada) 2014
Quick glimpse of the legend, tradition, and observance of the Jewish Festival of Lights. Exuberant syncopated setting building up to the bright celebration on the eighth night. (Also available for solo voice)
Candid Videoview scoreChanukah Tonight! (orch)SATB (opt. div.)strings (or mandolines)2'45
Order This»Version with string orchestra (or mandoline orchestra) accompaniment . (Video: Stroudsburg (PA) High School Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra, Lisa A. Rogers, Director)
Candid Video
view scoreThe Chocolate CarolSATB divisipiano, opt. solo fl 3'David/Randi Avshalomov2005
Order This»Humorous tonal Holiday novelty, slow intro, bouncy catchy chorus, mock-operatic ending. Written for Pat Loeb's Music Companie. Hilarious video of this on YouTube » . (See Valentine's version, "Love and Chocolate", below.)Lyrics»

view scoreThe Chocolate Carol
SATB divisiOrchestra3'David/Randi Avshalomov2017
Order This»SATB version with orchestral accompaniment. Recording: U. of Wyoming Symphony, Singing Statesmen, Bel Canto Women’s Chorus, and Civic Chorus, under Dr. Michael Griffith (who commissioned the orchestration).
view scoreThe Chocolate Carol--women's voicesSSAApiano, opt. solo fl3'David/Randi Avshalomov2005
Order This»Accompanied version for women's chorus
view scoreThe Chocolate Carol--Carolers' VersionSATBa cappella3'David/Randi Avshalomov2005
Order This»Carolers' version, a cappella
view scoreDo You Believe in Angels?SSAAbrief S16 vln, 2 vla9'David Avshalomov2010
Order This»Ecstatic, transcendently beautiful, melodious and harmonically rich setting for older children's or treble chorus and high strings. Original non-sectarian, non-religious poem by the composer on the phenomenon of angelic encounters and the common images of both light and dark angels. Bright start, dark energetic middle, luminous ending. Colorful, evocative string scoring. P/V score gives organ reduction. Youtube video of the premiere by Concerto Delle Donne and string orchestra at Alabama School of the Arts, led by Laura Doss.Lyrics»Notes»
view scoreEnchanted RiverSAOpt. S soloHarp (or piano), violin (opt.)2'Meredith Kennedy2008-9
Order This»Sweet, simple Irish-folk-style tune about a river inviting the poet’s wanderlust, leaving a lover behind. Key of Eb (recording is Blue Sky album duet version in Db).Lyrics»
view scoreFather The Tree SATBbrief S1a cappella2'30Doris Avshalomov1981
Order This»Serious slow poetic/symbolic memorial to a tall strong father/grandfather.Lyrics»
view scoreFlopsy the Christmas Pup!SATBpiano (opt. bass, drums)5'45Doggerel by David Avshalomov2011
Order This»Novelty about adopting a pet for Christmas. An old-fashioned, corny but sincere family message for tough economic times, with a subtext promoting responsible ownership. Fun to sing, moderate difficulty, and a sure-fire audience-pleaser. Lively swing chorus, doowop break, rockettes last chorus, ruff ending.
view scoreThe Garlic BlessingSATB divisipiano6'David Avshalomov2009
Order This»TheC7Prize (Canada) 2014
Witty novelty on the wonders of garlic. Recurring sentimental chorale hook. Pungent ending. Guaranteed to bring a smile. (Choral insiders will recognize one obvious parody reference.)
view score
GemeinsamSATBar (spot divisi)brief S18' (shorter version 4')Rose Auslaender2020
Order This»view score
The American Prize for Choral Composition 2021, professional division, Finalist. A serious exploration of a lovely poem in German, about how we must all travel together on this unified but riven world of ours. (2 versions: a shorter one written in error after misreading the duration requirement for a contest, and the longer one teased out from it to comply. Provides interesting insights into the composers' process.) See VIDEO of the premiere recording by C3LA (assembled remotely during pandemic shutdown); excerpt from H to the end.
view scoreGo Ahead and Rejoice SATB divisia cappella3'Doris Avshalomov2002
Order This»Joyous rhythmic momentum-builder on the exuberance of entering Autumn, with catchy refrain--"come expecting a miracle"--and astonishing ending.Lyrics»Notes»
view scoreGoodnight Moon Unison Treblespfte or keyboard, also add string quintet/flute3'Doris Avshalomov2002
Order This»A sweet, simple, tuneful setting of the classic children's "nite-nite" book. (Candid recording: San Gabriel Valley Choral Company Kids Choir, Zanaida Robles, Director.) Watch UTube Video of the book with the song.Margaret Wise Brown
view scoreHappy Anniversary (mixed voices)SATBa cappella1'David Avshalomov2003
Order This»Cheery tonal canonic anniversary greeting written for the composer's parents Doris and Jacob. Version for mixed voices.
view scoreHappy Anniversary (women's voices)SSAAa cappella1'David Avshalomov2003
Order This»Cheery tonal canonic anniversary greeting written for the composer's parents Doris and Jacob. Version for women's voices. Sound file was recorded for use here by the lead quartet of the Southwest Women's Chorus, Temecula, CA, Bill Paisner, Director.
view scoreHappy Anniversary (men's voices)TTBBa cappella1'David Avshalomov2003
Order This»Cheery tonal canonic anniversary greeting written for the composer's parents Doris and Jacob. Version for men's voices. COMMENDATION, CIMCF International Composers Competition 2021
view scoreI Bend the Knee of My HeartSSAATTBBa cappella5'Canticle 14/ Menasseh2006
Order This»ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012 for Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
“Polifonija”, Lithuania, International Sacred Choral Music Competition 2013
(2nd Prize)
PROJECT : ENCORE Recommended Choral Work of Exceptional Merit 2013
Broad artful expression of awe at Gods' power and the unworthiness of a famous sinful Old Testament king. Starts slow, solemn, moves ahead to final fervent peroration on "I will praise you without ceasing all the days of my life." Commissioned by Richard Beatty for the Anglican Chorale of Southern California, James Person, Director
view scoreKedushah SATBT or Spiano, fl 5'Trad1997
Order This»Formal, serious blessing, ecstatic end, operatic solo part. Commissioned by Cantor Mark Saltzman, Sha'arei Am Synagogue for the High Holy Days. Lyrics»
view score SABLet the Children Play SAA or SABpiano, opt. fl (2)4'David Avshalomov2012
Order This»view score SAAHong Kong Children's Choir 50th Anniversary Choral Selection Winner, 2018. Slow, sweet, lyrical song, sincere and touching, with an appealing and natural pentatonic tune, unison, then 3-part harmony, then easy canon, with a sweet harmony ending. Idealistic, innocent dream about the future of our suffering world and the hope that our children—and their children—may heal both the Earth and human society and live in peace forever. Suitable for youth and community/adult choruses. Can be learned fairly easily.
view scoreNEW Light Dawns in the DarknessSATB divisi5'Psalm 1122020
Order This»A setting of a text that I have recited as a prayer every Sabbath since my wife Randi and I chose to begin a practice of Jewish observance together many years ago. I have always found it a comforting text, particularly the key phrase “Light dawns in the darkness for the upright, for the one who is gracious, compassionate, and just.”
view scoreLove and ChocolateSATB divisipiano, opt. fl3'David/ Randi Avshalomov2005
Order This»Valentine's Day version of the Chocolate Carol, more romantic lyrics. [Also: simplified version for solo quartet SATB/piano.]Lyrics»
view scoreLove and ChocolateSATB divisi a cappella3'David/ Randi Avshalomov2005
Order This»A cappella Valentine's Day version of the Chocolate Carol, more romantic lyrics.Lyrics»
(live excerpts)view scoreThe Mixed BlessingsSSAATTBBbar and/or low Thandbells (or vibr, glock), metal wind chimes10'Matthew/Luke2010
(MIDI, full)
Order This»
Ritualized, dramatic dialectic illuminating the paradoxical contradictions of the two sets of Blessings (and Woes) attributed to the Christ. Formalized semi-medieval quasi-Anglican-style start and end, one angry climax, one romantic climax on the word God. Punctuations, ostinatos, flashes of divine light from handbells.Lyrics»Notes»
Videoview scoreNow the Hazy Mirage6-part mixed chorus3'(composer)2015
Order This»Finalist, The American Prize for Choral Composition 2021, professional division. A short neo-impressionistic close-harmony trance piece on a paraphrase text based on a scene in a well-known American novella, describing/embodying the deceptive morning haze over the sea of Cortez near La Paz as seen by a group of 1920s Indio pearl fishers, and how it affects their fatalistic world view. (Candid video of the premiere by C3LA under Alexandra Grabarchuk)
view scoreO Euchari ColumbaSSATTBbrief S1a cappella6'Hildegard von Bingen2006
Order This»Winner, First Prize, IOCSF Choral Composition Contest 2016
Ecstatic meditation on the virtues and works of a little-known saint. Quiet, slow mystical medieval start and end, fast buildup to quasi-Orthodox climax, gentle denouement like the start. Commissioned by Coro Oddyssea, Gonçalo Lourenço, conductor, Lisbon, Spain. Recording: International Orange Chorale of San Francisco/Zane Fiala. (Parts predominant practice MP3s also available.)
view scoreOm Nama ShivayaSSAATTBBbrief S1a cappella7' (v.2)Trad. Sanskrit2020
Order This»A sumptuous yet restrained, respectful “arrangement” of a chant I heard at a gathering for a visiting guru on a very very ancient prayer, a salute to the goddess Shiva and one’s inner heart. Proceeds by repetition with accumulation of upper parts at repeats, richer and richer harmonizations, never actually moving away from the key of D; then 8-part canons, with two peaks, and a long unison thinning of parts and fade-out. The effect is intended to be hypnotic but not numbing, like a gentle expansion of consciousness through gradually enhanced and expanded repetition. Everything comes out of the core chant. Om.

Candid Video of World Premiere by C3LA, Tanner Pfeiffer conducting
view scorePraise the LordSSAATBBorg, opt. sus. cym5'Psalm 1502008
Order This»Winner, Mountainside Master Chorale (Pomona, CA) Composition Contest 2016 (2nd Prize). Wild, slightly modern, fast, rhythmic (5/8) setting of Psalm 150, with a "Bulgarian Jazz" organ solo middle. Big bright ending. Commissioned by the choir of Westwood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles for their retiring director Gina Shaw. (Parts predominant practice MP3s also available.)Lyrics»Notes»
view scoreSong for Late Summer SATBa cappella3'30Doris Avshalomov1962
Order This»Shy romantic yearning likened to the cricket's wistful cries. Episodic, with appealing madrigalisms, slow haunting end. Pure tonal.Lyrics»
view scoreThe Star Spangled Banner (arr.)TTBB qtt or ens.a cappella1'45F. Scott Key2004
Order This»Purple harmonization for the Santa Monica HS Barbershop Gentlemen of 2004--and my son Zack. Available in C, B, Bb
view scoreThere's a WindSSAATTBBbrief S1a cappella4'30David Avshalomov2009
Order This»Folk-tonal, madrigalistic depiction of the rise, climax, and diedown of a wild bay windstorm at a dramatic turn in a famous American novella. Commissioned by Meredith Kennedy for Camerata Singers of Long Beach. Wind-whistling effect at start. Candid Video with C3LA 2019, David Rentz conductingLyrics»Notes»

view scoreThere Was Another Song to SingSATBAlto (or Mezzo)Piano, cello, opt. harp4'Chaim Bialik2017
Order This»Touching memorial to those who die too young. Slow solo voice start with choral echos, livelier reminiscing middle section, cello interlude, slow reprise with long-arch choral/solo close. Commissioned by St. Edward's Episcopal Church, La Canada, CA.Lyrics»

view scoreThis Sacred SpaceSSAATTBbrief Aorgan, 2 tpt 2 tbn, timp (3 dr)5'30Holy, Holy, Holy, other lyrics by David Avshalomov2008
Order This»Tonal consecration anthem with congregational hymn, showy organ part. Mystical start, buildup to big bright celebratory Alleluia ending.Lyrics»
Order This»view scoreNEW THREE WATER SONGSSSAATTBBopt. perc13' total2022
Commissioned by Ember Choral Arts, Deborah Simpkin King, Conductor, and The Greenwich Village Chamber Singers, Michael Sheetz, Conductor. Recordings from GVCS.

Candid video of second-night premiere by Ember

All Day I Hear the Sound of Waters
A super-gloomy, mediocre existential-woe-genre poem with obvious imagery, but so nice to set. Setting is suitably slow and dour in mode and manner.3:40James Joyce

Waterfall at Lu-Shan
The setting evokes the sunlight on the glistening stones, water plunging into the bottom pool, then the sparkle and splash of many rivulets of falling water in sunlight, the central Milky Way image, and again the energetic falling waters, with a big homophonic climax on “Heaven.”2:15Li-Po

GPGP (The Great Pacific Garbage Patch)
A trillion plastic microparticles and growing daily. . . how do you even wrap your mind around that? A sardonic scolding rant about a real problem, sometimes slightly goofy; satirical when seeming enthusiastic, and in the end slightly grim–even a bit cynical. Applies late 20th-century modernist techniques like wobbling pitch clusters to evoke the Patch environment: its shallow depth, its density, its ickyness, its vast spread. Also squeaky voices, pretentious narration, spoken chant, gesture. Like a sound track with narration for a creepy short documentary video. 7'David Avshalomov
view scoreU.S. 30 in IdahoSSAATTBa cappella1'Doris Avshalomov1961
Order This»
Ironic nature/highway roadkill observation, over in a flash.Lyrics»
view scoreThe U.S. Air Force FugueTTBBa cappella3'USAF/ David Avshalomov1972
Order This»Parody fugue based on "Off we Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder."Lyrics»
view scoreWhere You Go, I Will GoSSAAbrief S, Aa cappella13'Ruth and Naomi2003
Order This»Mini-oratorio on the story of Ruth and Naomi. Dramatic, expressive, epic-narrative style, tender ending. Commissioned by Chris Rhodes, Santa Monica HSLyrics»Notes»
SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND OF EXPERIENCE SATB occasional divisifew, various, shorta cappella104' totalWm. Blake2001-2
Order Set»American Prize 2013 for Choral Composition, Finalist
45 individual settings of Blake's amazing symbolic, ironical, and mystical poems. Some also suitable as madrigals (one on a part). Can be performed separately, or complete as a double cycle with alternating/combining double chamber choir and breakout solo quartets.
All Lyrics»Cycle Notes»
view scoreAh! Sun-FlowerSATBa cappella2'10Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Wistful, poignant Air with slow, limp, soft energy. Subject: Death, time, yearning for release. Good for single voices also.
view scoreThe AngelSSA, women onlya cappella3'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Mysterious, slow-fast-slow Melodrama. Subject: Aging womanhood and love, depicted in a Dream.
view scoreThe BlossomSATBa cappella1'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Fun, light, playful Madrigal, fast and rhythmic. Subject: Nature and yearning for love. Excellent for single voices also.
(Excerpts)view scoreThe Chimney Sweeper ISATB (opt. divisi)a cappella4'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Ironic, ecstatic Melodrama, slow-fast-slow. Subject: Child labor, dream of flying and redemption.
view scoreThe Chimney Sweeper IISATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bitter Melodrama, moderate speed. Subject: Child labor in the snow.
view scoreThe Clod & the PebbleSATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Ironic, formal Madrigal, moderate speed. Subject: Love's illusions. Good for single voices also.
view scoreA Cradle Song SATBa cappella3'15Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sweet Lullaby with a middle twist; slow, soft and steady. Subject: Baby's/Christ's innocence, mother's worry. Good for single voices also.
view scoreThe Divine Image ISATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Reverent Prayer, moderate speed. Subject: Tolerance/diversity. Good for single voices also.
view scoreA Divine Image IISATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bitter, profound, ironic Aphorism; slow, solid, and full. Subject: Darkness of the soul.
view scoreA Dream (the Lost Ant)SATB (B div. At end)a cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Play-spooky Melodrama; moving and rhythmic. Subject: The lost ant's children rescued from a home fire.
view scoreEarth's AnswerSATBa cappella2'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Dark Plaint, slow and strong. Subject: Forbidden love. Pairs with Hear the Voice of the Bard.
view scoreThe Ecchoing GreenSATBa cappella2'31Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Exuberant Carol/glee with rhythmic high energy; opening bell tones, sleepy-bye ending. Subject: Children's play, then off to bed
view scoreThe FlySATBa cappella1'20Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Witty, playful Madrigal, lively and rhythmic. Subject: Are you Fly or Man? Excellent for single voices also.
view scoreFreedom/UhuruSATBopt. Bara cappella4'15Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Proud African Affirmation, high energy, strong and rhythmic, with a chant background. Optional clapping, minor rhythmic movement.  Subject: Divine soul of a slave child
view scoreThe Garden of LoveSATBa cappella2'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bitter, intense, poised Moral Madrigal, moderate speed. Subject: Forbidden free love. Good for single voices also.
view scoreHear the Voice of the BardSATBa cappella2'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Strong, hortatory Prophecy with a gentle ending. Subject: Mystery, the end of night
view scoreHoly Thursday ISATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Hopeful, steady Hymn. Subject: Processional of orphaned children into St. Paul's Cathedral. Long-melisma final cadence.
view scoreHoly Thursday IISATBa cappella3'15Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Tragic slow Sermon. Subject: Grinding poverty and despair
view scoreThe Human AbstractSATBa cappella3'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bitter, sharp, slow Moral Madrigal. Subject: Mean selfishness. Good for single voices also.
view scoreInfant JoySATBlight S1a cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sweet Air/rocking song, moderate then rhythmic. Subject: Innocence and mother's joy in her newborn.
view scoreInfant SorrowSATBa cappella2'15Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Soulful Blues moan, slow and heavy. Subject: Pains of birth.

view scoreThe LambSATBa cappella2'20Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»The sweetest Prayer, gentle and sustaining. Subject: The Lamb and Christ. Good for single voices also (see video).
view scoreLaughing Song SATBa cappella3'40Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Hilarious playful Madrigal, lively, rhythmic and full. Subject: Laughter and youth. Stage business: actual laughter/hilarity breakdown and recovery before the end.
view scoreThe LillySATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Esthetic nature Madrigal, slow and soft. Subject: The Lily vs. the Rose. Excellent for single voices also.
view scoreThe Little Boy Lost/Found SATBa cappella3'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Worried Melodrama, restlessly moving, rhythmic. Subject: A little boy lost in the night marsh, rescued by his Father.
view scoreA Little Boy Lost [II]SATBa cappella4'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Righteous bitter Sermon, moderate speed. Subject: A little boy burned at the stake for questioning religion.
view scoreA Little Girl Lost (Ona)SATBa cappella3'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Light, then heavy Madrigal/Melodrama, lively then slow. Subject: Forbidden young love. Good for single voices also.
view scoreThe Little Girl Lost/Found (Lyca) SATBa cappella4'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Varied Story Madrigal, moderate speed. Subject: A lost girl, symbolic nature rescue--by the lion! Snoring section in the middle.
view scoreThe Little VagabondSATBa cappella1'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»High-spirited Glee, lively and rhythmic. Subject: The need for ale in church.
view scoreLondonSATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Slow, gloomy Sermon. Subject: Degradation in the city.
view scoreMotto to the Songs of Innocence & ExperienceSATBa cappella2'15Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Ironic tangled-canonic Conundrum, lively and rhythmic. Subject: The twisting of human nature as we mature--'til the Eagle is known from the Owl. Gloss on poem»
view scoreNightSATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sweet Prayer, moderate speed. Subject: Angels protecting us from wild beasts while we sleep, lion lies down with lamb.
view scoreNurse's Song ISATB (SSAATT-B div end)a cappella2'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Innocent Vignette, moderate speed, with fade-out echo-effect divisi at the end. Subject: Children playing on the green, not ready for sleep.
view scoreNurse's song II SATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bitter, cynical Vignette, moderate speed. Subject: Mortality
view scoreOn Another's SorrowSATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sweet sentimental variation-Hymn, moderate speed. Subject: Compassion (ours and Christ's). Good for single voices also.
view scorePiping down the Valleys WildSATB (div. End)whistlera cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Cheery, playful Madrigal, lively and rhythmic, big Disney end. Subject: The Poet's inspiration to write songs for children. Solo whistling intro. Good for single voices also.
view scoreA Poison TreeSATBa cappella3'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»
Bitter Moral Madrigal, slow and intense with a dramatic ending. Subject: Revenge. Good for single voices also.
view scoreMy Pretty Rose TreeSATBa cappella1'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Ironic Madrigal, moderate and gentle, sudden turn from pleasant to dark. Subject: Spurned love. Excellent for single voices also.

view scoreThe School BoySATBa cappella3'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Ironic Madrigal, lively and rhythmic, loud bitter end. Subject: Summer School trapped boredom/misery. Good for single voices also.

view scoreThe ShepherdSATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sweet Prayer, rocking gently. Subject: Guarding the flock. Solo whistling intro and end. Good for solo voices also (see video). Audio is solo quartet with organ during communion.
view scoreThe Sick RoseSATBa cappella1'45Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Bittersweet slow Madrigal. Subject: Love/death (or death of love). Excellent for single voices also.
view scoreSpringSATBa cappella1'30Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Charming, playful Madrigal, lively and rhythmic. Subject: Children and lambs in Spring. Excellent for single voices also.
view scoreTo TirzahSATBa cappella2'45Wm. Blake2001-2

Order This»
Bitter steady variation-Chorale. Subject: Misogyny
view scoreTyger Tyger Burning BrightSATBa cappella2'10Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Sharp Paean, lively, rhythmic, fierce, finally dire. Subject: Fearsome nature.
view scoreThe Voice of the Ancient BardSATBa cappella2'Wm. Blake2001-2
Order This»Hortatory Sermon, moderate speed. Subject: Folly. Good for single voices also.


(vocal score/COMBO reduction)view scoreSERGEANT PEPPER MEDLEYLennon/McCartneyTTBB chorus, Tenor, Baritone soli (or solo quintet)combo (or concert band)14-16'1970-72
Request This»
(See BAND Works for full band score)
Fun transcription medley from the Beatle's amazing first concept album. Created for and premiered by the USAF Band and Singing Sergeants, Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, Commander/ Conductor. Can be performed with men’s chorus and soloists, or with amplified solo quintet/sextet of good vocal Beatles imitators.
NJ1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandLennon/McCartneyRecording: Orpheus Men's Choir, Ridgewood Band, New JerseyG1'30
NJ2. With a Little Help from My FriendsLennon/McCartneyE2'
NJ3. Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsLennon/McCartneyA G1'20
NJ4. It's Getting Better All the TimeLennon/McCartneyC1'45
USAF5. She's Leaving HomeLennon/McCartneyRecording: USAF Band DC/Singing Sgts./GabrielE1'30
USAF6. When I'm 64Lennon/McCartneyDb1'45
USAF7. Lovely Rita Meter MaidLennon/McCartneyE1'40
USAF8. Sgt Pepper RepriseLennon/McCartneyF G1'25
9. A Day in the LifeLennon/McCartneyG E(with concert band only)2'15