Contemporary classical music for Concert Band – a collection of band works by composer David Avshalomov (including an oratorio with band and some transcriptions), with sound files and scores.
Year view score Glockenspiel March concert band 2’30 1968/97
Order This» Sprightly, simple, honest, fun, old-fashioned gazebo novelty march. Big start, contrasts of choirs, soft-shoe sandpaper break, reprise given to the 3 glockenspiels (or bell lyras). Playfully pompous “I Love Lucy/Til Eulenspiegel” ending. Notes»
view score The Last Stand concert band 7’45 2013
Order This» A statement from the heart of a conservationist, nature-lover, outdoorsman, and mountain man. A grim tragic lament over the senseless cutting down of a last stand of old growth pine forest. With farewell song, chainsaw chorus, clearcut march, crownfire, choppers, rain, and a hopeful hint of reforestation and the silva nova. Commissioned 2012 by the Western Plains Wind Consortium, Daniel Baldwin, coordinator. Grade 5. Notes»
LIFE’S A DREAMBOAT concert band, opt. narrator 34′ 1970-79
Order Full Work» “Every Person’s Guide to the Band”, solo variations and wacky cosmic finale. Good for community or school audiences.
view score I. Lifeboat Variations concert band, opt. narrator 22′ 1970-80
(MIDI-no narration) Introduction and series of accompanied show-off variations, one for each different instrument or section, on a popular round (Row Your Boat). Wide range of styles and moods, quiet end (or use opt. loud/fast coda from the finale). Optional terse narration between movements; narrator or conductor may also lead an audience sing of the theme round before the piece starts. 3 (opt.) quick sound-making demos in intro. Narration»
view score II. Cornucopia of Rounds concert band 12′ 1976-80
Order this Mvt.» (studio) Wild extreme-variation finale, making a chopped salad out of 7 different rounds presented in different keys, through every kind of distortion, manipulation, and agglomeration. Huge cosmic ending. (No narration)
view score Prime Time (Toccata Brillante) concert band 11′ 2000
Order This» Bright, brash showpiece in 11/8 built on a fast down-leaping ostinato tattoo, with soaring melodies, crazed-canon variations, sleep cycle, big band jazz breakdown, full reprise, and prankster ending.
Full score view score PRINCIPLES (mixed chorus) Chorus (SSAATTBB), baritone voice solo, concert band 32′ rev 2010
Order This» Secular oratorio, tuneful, populist, rousing, on themes of liberty, social justice, and religious freedom from Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. Accessible, thinking-person’s patriotic music. Texts: His creed, Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, Declaration of Independence, epitaph, letters. Mixed chorus version. SEE CHORAL for piano/vocal score and sound samples Notes»
Full score view score PRINCIPLES (men’s chorus) chorus (men’s TTTTBBBB), baritone voice solo, concert band (symphonic wind ensemble), or piano w/opt. percussion (6) 32′ 1993-4
Order This» Secular oratorio. Male chorus version written for the Singing Sgts. of the USAF band, DC. SEE CHORAL for piano/vocal score Notes»
(MIDI) 1. I Have Sworn 4′
Brilliant ringing opening, hortatory middle in polymeters on the evils of forced false religions; big unresolved cadence.
(MIDI) 2. Our Civil Rights 3′
Bitter, dignified solo elaboration of the relationship between religious choice and civil rights. Choral echos. Grim ending.
(MIDI) 3. The Opinions of Men 2′
Serious, energetic repudiation of government control of opinion.
(MIDI) 4. We Do Enact 4′
Pure choral, gentle psalm/prayer-style statement of the Statute.
(MIDI) 5. The Truth is Great (fugue) 2′
Tight, lively, chromatic rhetorical fugue on Truth. (Possible a cappella.)
(MIDI) 6. Rebellion to Tyrants 2′
Shay’s Rebellion letter, solo recitative.
(MIDI) 7. We Hold These Truths 6′
Taut, dramatic setting of the salient parts of the Declaration of Independence with brave, strong, inspiring conclusion, bright joyous brass tattoo outburst after “sacred honor”.
(MIDI) 8. Here Was Buried 1′
Solemn unison recitative over pedal tone, on his self-penned epitaph.
(MIDI) 9. All Eyes Are Opened 8′
Populist, revival-style exhortation to remember and honor the Principles of the Declaration. Several band interludes, drum section break. Big peroration on the refrain, “All Eyes are Opened to the Rights of Man,” skyrocket ending.


view score Siege concert band 8’30 1969
Order This» Lyrical, dark, moody, dramatic tone poem, modern-tonal, two themes, using the full resources of the band. Episodes suggesting the night siege of a medieval fortress–today this would be videogame battle music! Form builds from slow rising contrapuntal tension in full band through energetic challenge in the brass, night watch, stealthy undermining and breach, sudden attack and glorious victory, and tragic quiet lament with a slow bitter ending. (Transcription of orchestral version.)
view score Spring Rondo concert band 8′ 1971
Order This» Lively, colorful, euphonious, fast-dancing, rhythmic, varied rondo form with changing polymeters and a hot ending. (Band scoring of the Brass Rondo) Notes»
view score Vignettes band Total dur. 14’30 2013
Order SET» Album of short, widely-varied, colorful, dynamic miniature character pieces. Can be mixed and matched or played in the original sequence. Fun to play and hear. Several are great for children’s concerts. Applies core instrumentation recommended in David Avshalomov’s Community Band Scoring Survey Findings (Fall 2012 NBA and ACB Journals). For advanced high school, community/amateur, community college, and college concert bands. Level 4+. Commissioned by an international consortium of 27 concert bands. All MP3 sound files are MIDI see Performances page for co-premieres schedule (2013-14 season).
1. Our Leader 0’30
Buildup fanfare – can be performed without conductor for an entrance intro
2. Grotesko 1’00
Stiff pompous march with camels
3. Snowy Mountains 2’20
Sierra postcard, sonorous wintery mood, rich end
4. March of the Giant Robots 2’20
Mechanical modern march in 5/4 with optional robotic player movement
5. Tuskers 1’15
Postcard from Africa–wild adventure ostinatos and buildup to the bull’s-eye moment
6. MoonSong II (no brass-tuba cues string bass) 2’15
High moon and breeze on mountain pines; slow, dreamy, poignant solo Clarinet 1 melody
7. Dragon Dance 1′
Postcard from Hong Kong: Crazed dragon festival parade with gongs and drums; firecrackers optional
8. News, Weather, Sports! 1′
Classic uptempo brash news logo theme with Disco beat, blaring trumpets and ending tattoo. “. . . . and . . . we are back live with breaking news!”
9. Valentine (brass optional) 1’30
Sentimental arietta for a remembered love; Flute 1 solo
no digital score available Bach, Sinfonia, Cantata 29 Clarinet 1, 2 section soli/band 3’15
Order This» Bach himself transcribed the brilliant perpetual motion Preludio (in E) to his Third Partia for solo violin as an organ solo (in D), fleshing out an accompaniment for his standard festive orchestra (strings, oboes, trumpets, timpani) to create this wonderful Sinfonia. This transcription gives the solo organ part to the clarinet section, the organ pedals and orchestra parts to the band. It is based on the original manuscripts.
no digital score available Bach, Sinfonia, Cantata 29 Marimba solo/band 3’15
Order This» Same band transcription but with marimba (or xylophone) on the solo part, slightly thinner scoring.
(Full Band Score) view score Beatles, SERGEANT PEPPER Medley TTBB chorus, var. soli, band (ALSO WITH COMBO, SEE CHORUS PAGE FOR P/V SCORE) 16′ 1971
Request This» Fun transcription medley from the Beatle’s amazing first concept album. Created for and premiered by the USAF Band and Singing Sergeants, Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, Commander/Conductor
no sample 1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band
no sample 2. With a Little Help From my Friends
no sample 3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
no sample 4. It’s Getting Better All the Time
5. She’s Leaving Home
6. When I’m 64
7. Lovely Rita Meter Maid
8. Sgt. Pepper Reprise
no sample 9. A Day in the Life