Grand Prize, 2017 Solo and Chamber Timpanist’s Initiative’s Competition
Contemporary classical works for Percussion – a collection of modern percussion music and arrangements by composer David Avshalomov, with sound files and scores.
view scoreAllegroglockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, timpani (4-5 pedal)5'1972
Order This»Colorful, rhythmic, motive-rich etude unfolding the potential of the pitched percussion quartet. Varied sonata form in diminished scale, built around opening motives; dance-like B tune in vibraphone. Bouncy changing meters and interweaving scale passages. First Prize, Aspen Festival Composition Competition 1972.Notes»
view scoreChiaroscuroglockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, timpani (4-5 pedal)5'1958/63
Order This»Ringing monothematic etude in whole-tone scale, moderate speed; fugal middle.Notes»
(ed. score)view scoreConcerto con Timpani (Battaglia)timpani soli (6-7), strings, harpsichord continuo14'1992
Order This»Concerto, early 18th-century concertato style. May use hand-tuned drums. Fun to play and hear. Score is style-edited, with Baroque performance guidelines. (Written under the nom de plume G. F. Salomon)Notes»
I. Intrada, Grave/ Allegro3'40
Ouverture (slow/fast/slow). Regal fanfare start/end. Rhythmic passages alternating between showy, busy soloist and ripieno, flashy drumming near the end.
II. Largo sostenuto5'35
Slow, elegant, affect of mourning.
III. Presto3'40
Rattling fast movement with longer solo passages, flashy wrap-up, echo ending.
view scoreDiversionviolin, 5 pedal timpani5'1966
Order This»Grand Prize, 2017 Solo and Chamber Timpanist's Initiative's Competition
Dancy etude in repeating polymeters that unfolds from a bouncing, rhythmic motif. Simple, tonal, and popular. ABA form; lyrical middle with drums on the melody; brash ending. Written for my Harvard senior recital.
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view scoreDrum Row5-8 unpitched percussion 2'1980
Order This»Final variation from Lifeboat Variations. Rhythmic chain of micro-variations on the pitch shape of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," showing off the non-pitched percussion. Smash ending. Finalist, Korg contest 1989.
view scoreGlockenspiel MarchBand w/solo glockenspiel (or bell lyra) section (3)2'202002
Order This»Sprightly, simple, honest, fun, old-fashioned gazebo novelty march. Big start, contrasts of choirs, soft-shoe sandpaper break, reprise given to the 3 glockenspiels (or bell lyras). Playfully pompous "I Love Lucy/Til Eulenspiegel" ending.Notes»
view scoreTemple Goddess (Angkor Wat)5-6 percussion: glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, optional vibraphone, 2 tam tams (flat), timpani (4)1'1994
Order This»Quick Asian-flavor prelude, gongs/timpani ostinato with busy unison pentatonic melody in all mallets, speeding up to bright ending.Notes»


view scoreSchumannProphet Bird 5 pitched percussion (glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, timpani; optional chime)3'Order This»
view scoreBachSinfonia, Cantata 129marimba (or xylophone) solo (or duet) with concert band3'15Order This»
no digital score availableDebussyFeu d'artifice10-12 percussion, mostly pitched5'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokGrasshopper's Wedding6 percussion1'45Order This»
no digital score availableBartokSong of the Feast5 percussion1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokBear Dance6 percussion1'45Order This»
view scoreBartokInterrupted Melody (Mikrokosmos 83)5 percussion1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokNotturno (Mikrokosmos 97)vibraphone (or marimba), timpani1'45Order This»
view scoreBartokMelody in the Mist (Mikrokosmos 107)5 percussion1'Order This»
view scoreBartokFrom the Island of Bali (Mikrokosmos 109)5 percussion2'Order This»
view scoreBartokClashing Sounds (Mikrokosmos 110)vibraphone, marimba1'Order This»
view scoreBartokVariations on a Folk Tune (Mikrokosmos 112)5 percussion1'Order This»
view scoreBartokBulgarian Rhythm (Mikrokosmos 113)6-8 percussion1'Order This»
view scoreBartokTriplets in 9/8 (Mikrokosmos 118)vibraphone, marimba1'Order This»
view scoreBartokFifth Chords (Mikrokosmos 120)5 percussion1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokStaccato (Mikrokosmos 124)timpani, vibraphone, marimba1'15Order This»
no digital score availableBartokBoating (Mikrokosmos 125)timpani, vibraphone, marimba1'25Order This»
no digital score availableBartokTime Change (Mikrokosmos 126)6 percussion1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokAlternating 3rds (Mikrokosmos 129)5 percussion1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokUnison (Mikrokosmos 137)6 percussion1'25Order This»
no digital score availableBartokBagpipe (Mikrokosmos 138)6 percussion1'20Order This»
no digital score availableBartokMerry Andrew (Mikrokosmos 139)vibraphone, marimba1'Order This»
no digital score availableBartok2nds & 7ths (Mikrokosmos 144)6 percussion4'Order This»
no digital score availableBartokOstinato (Mikrokosmos 146)6 percussion2'15Order This»
no digital score availableBartokBulgarian Rhythm 1 (Mikrokosmos 148)6 percussion1'45Order This»
no digital score availableBartokBulgarian Rhythm 6 (Mikrokosmos 153)6 percussion2'Order This»
view scoreSchoenbergOp. 19 no. 14-5 percussion0'45Order This»
view scoreSchoenbergOp. 19 no. 24-5 percussion0'46Order This»
view scoreSchoenbergOp. 19 no. 44 percussion0'30Order This»
view scoreSchoenbergOp. 19 no. 54 percussion0'20Order This»
view scoreSchoenbergOp. 19 no. 66 percussion1'Order This»